Sensor network owners

Senseview is a complete project management tool used to make better decisions and increase your success rate within IOT

Get onboard the IOT train

Do you have a sensor network and ambitions to get more customers to use the network capacity by reaching large scale IOT projects quicker? Our goal is to help you get more customers onboard and take ideas to reality faster, and thereby reach profitability as soon as possible.

We believe in the power of making small bets and experiments to find the optimal way of solving your customer’s needs and problems. We’re using innovation processes from some of the fastest growing companies in the world and combine that with our extensive experience of making IOT happen. We are committed to build a smarter society together with you.

Senseview gives you all you need to start or accelerate your IOT projects. Gather both you own and your customer’s projects in one place. Senseview is a cloud based project management tool built on top of a complete IOT platform with capabilities to handle large and complex data sets from connected sensors. Many customers use Senseview as their only IOT platform but you can also use the full functionality in parallel with an already existing platform. The tool is horizontal and independent from specific hardware so there is no limit to what type or brand of sensor that you use.

We offer Senseview as a Service at a fixed monthly fee no matter how many projects you have in parallel. We believe the value it will give you is much higher than the investment and therefore we never tie our customer into long term agreements.

Do you need inspiration?

We generally believe that the best ideas exist within your organisation or in the minds of your customers. Always start with a real problem or need before initiating a new IOT pilot and then iterate your way towards the optimal solution. Sometimes we do inspirational talks combined with workshops with the aim of catching all potential problems or needs from within your organisation. In other cases our customers already have a plan for potential projects (or have started several already) and just want a tool to show and take better decisions on what to scale.

Common projects among sensor network owners are:

  • Connected cabinets to keep track of open doors and temperatures

  • Connected waste bins or containers

  • Sensors to measure presence in meeting rooms and buildings

  • Sensors on security doors

  • IOT project together with the biggest customers such as real estate companies or municipalities.

  • Measurement of water levels

  • GPS sensors on valuable objects

  • Moisture sensors with alarms if there’s a leak

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Mr John

New York

A complete IOT tool and platform

SenseView is used both as a project management tool to get an overview and make better decisions and as an IOT platform. This means that in reality it should be all you need to be able to successfully work with multiple IOT projects. Feel free to reach our for a more in depth explanation or live demo. Main features (so far) include:
  • Live map with the opportunity to customize how sensors show up and are visualized.

  • Branding with your logo for professional demonstrations in front of customers, partners and internal staff.

  • Process management support and project overviews where you get our lean work flow built into the tool itself.

  • Rule engine to be able to automate alarms and actions based on sensor data.

  • Graphs for historical data.

  • A complete IOT platform built on Google Cloud where the data is stored in secure servers within the EU.

  • Integrations towards the most common network servers for LoRaWAN.

  • Open for integrations towards all types of sensors.

  • Automatic notifications when a new sensor needs configuration.

  • An easy to use configuration of new sensors and storage of metadata.

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